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Changing to be strategic…

Autor: Carolyn Kemp
Fecha: 14.02.2012
Category: Diáspora

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To facilitate a truly global conversation, we ask Christian leaders from around the world to respond to the Global Conversation’s lead articles. These points of view do not necessarily represent the Lausanne Movement. They are designed to stimulate discussion from all points of the compass and from different segments of the Christian community. Please add your perspective by posting a comment so that we can learn and grow together in the unity of the Spirit.

Following on from Sadiri Joy Tira’s "Regions Beyond"

Diaspora ministry is not new to OMF International.  When the western missionary force was no longer welcome in China in the early 1950s, the China Inland Mission (CIM) felt led of the Lord to re-deploy their missionaries (OMF) to places in East Asia, first to reach the Chinese Diaspora scattered around East Asia and ultimately to other East Asian peoples.  In the 1980s OMF realized in part the strategic opportunity that God was providing, but in the last 12 years OMF has been aware of a growing and exciting movement of God amongst the Diaspora peoples globally. In 2008 OMF International took the step of appointing our first truly global borderless Field as a Mission: the Diaspora Ministries Field.  It is considered one of five major strategic focuses for OMF International as a mission.  God is at work and we want to be where He is, and He is most definitely working within East Asians Diaspora communities, both in East Asia and around the world. 

God has given OMF the incredible privilege of being able to touch East Asian peoples in many strategic places in the world. With OMF bridging both home and host countries the distance has shrunk. There are over 80 million East Asians scattered globally. With these immense Diaspora communities being in constant motion, it is important to use this possibly limited window of opportunity by responsibly linking East Asians going abroad with Diaspora personnel and Returnees with Asia field workers.

Our hearts beat for the neglected frontier of East Asia’s Diaspora peoples. Our concentration is upon the first generation from among these communities who will return to their home country with a passion to share their faith in Christ with their own people.

We evangelize East Asians passionately desiring to see them come to Christ, knowing His power, embracing a biblical worldview and turning their backs on the worship of false gods. We disciple them in the faith, seeing people being transformed by the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit as they study the word of God and interact with fellow believers. In equipping them for ministry, we want to see them having a Kingdom mentality and a missional lifestyle (Col. 1:9‐14).

We will seek to equip these Returnees to share Christ, serve in the local church and model Christ likeness, thereby being involved in establishing vibrant churches and fellowships, which will reproduce themselves. Many East Asians whom we will reach may never return to their home countries. However they will reach out to their own people in their host countries. We will seek to instill in this group a deep burden and vision for their returnee brothers and sisters (Eph 4:13‐16).

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Estados Unidos de Norteamérica

OMF Diaspora Ministries, please keep up the great work! The high level of commitment and the focus on strategic thinking to facilitate the potential for an even greater harvest are awe-inspiring. This ministry has been blessed to sustain itself through every obstacle presented over time thanks to the provisions of God. I pray that God will continue to reap the harvest in all that OMF Diaspora Ministries seeks to accomplish.

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Estados Unidos de Norteamérica

I believe the workplace is an excellent place to spread the word of God. Joanie D, posted in her comment, she used a quote from - St. Francis of Assisi, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel; and if necessary use words." In the workplace, many of the workers are undercover believers. See the believers do not have a problem communicating with other believers but sometimes sharing the word of God with someone that is not a believer becomes difficult. Also In the workplace, there are many undercover seekers for the word of God. A Christians walk should be in line with his Christian talk, therefore the seeker would know where to go to get the word of God.

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Estados Unidos de Norteamérica

I have never heard of OMF before, but I was aware that it has been difficult for American missionaries to enter China and other Asian countries for many decades. It is amazing that there was a group of people from within China that were willing to step up and fill the gap that was left from previous missionaries. The goals that OMF has set are high, but not unachievable and will accomplish much for the kingdom of God in the way of missions. To train those that will be returning to their home country makes so much sense because they will not be turned away and are less likely to be suspected of having converted to Christianity by the ruling power in their home country. I look forward to learning more about this in the future.

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Estados Unidos de Norteamérica

The need is indeed great!  This is a great opportunity and exciting step in reaching diaspora people.  While our focus is often on sending individuals or teams specifically to minister to diaspora communities, it is wonderful to see that there is some focus now being placed on equipping all christians with the knowledge necessary to reach out to those within their own community when and if they leave their home nation.  They then become a part of the diaspora community and must recognize that they then become missionaries themselves and can minister to those whom they come into contact with.


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