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The Sin & Holiness’ ″Visual Basics″, an innovative and promising evangelistic initiative, deserving a particular attention from those who have the means, the willingness and readiness to fund (for) the Kingdom.

Autor: Rev Dr J. N’GORAN
Fecha: 01.06.2011
Category: Desarrollo del Liderazgo, compromiso Multimedia, Asociación

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The Sin and Holiness are very badly known, their outlines and surroundings remain fuzzy, blurred. The concern for your servant to do utmost that both of these objects we cannot get round in the Bible (Holiness = Heaven; Sin = Hell) may be controlled along all their compartments or under all their angles in order to be used as a basis of a Sustainable Development in genuine Christian spirituality, consisted in inventing new instruments making easier the Bible users’ work: structural formulas of sin. The different types of sin are known under the shape of small structural formulas like chemical structural formulas of matter. This deserves quite a particular attention from those who are the Kingdom funders (according to Rev Dave Hackett’s words, USA).

Palabras clave: Visual Basics;Sin & Holiness, badly known and their outlines, fuzzy;setting up a basis of genuine Sustainable Development in Christian Spirituality;calling the attention of Kingdom funders.

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