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Ktiktismadulicity, one of the peccatological laws of the Sin controlled by the principle of plummediatoduumnicity.

Autor: Rev Dr J. N’GORAN
Fecha: 07.01.2011
Category: Asociación, Desarrollo del Liderazgo, compromiso Multimedia

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Publicado originalmente en francés

Ktiktismadulicity (<Greek, ktisma, “creature”, doulikos, “related to worship, service”, from doulia, “worship, and service”) that is the worship of creature to creature, has the following verse as biblical root: “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and served created things rather than the Creator – who is forever praised. Amen.”  Rom. 1:25, NIV version.

We’ll talk about the thinking creatures that are liable to Judgment. When the Bible talks of lost sheep which need to enter necessarily the Sheepfold of the Lord, it’s because the wide gate and the broad road that lead to destruction effectively take many human creatures to. These ones are going to violate the Supreme Commandment (“Love the Lord your God more than everything”) leaving fear, worship, praise, glory, service, etc. supposed to be due to the Lord to any other creature, it doesn’t matter, whichever of the creatures it may be. It’s what is called in cadoshological language the law of monoktisttheophoblatricity (<gr. monos, “only one”, Ktistês, “Creator”, Theos, “God”, phobia, “fear”, latria, “worship, service”), law of unicity of the Subject of fear and worship: God, the Creator.  And in ordinary language, it’s called idolatry. They’re said idolaters because they have fans, idols that they worship instead of God, the Creator. In Peccatology, we talk about angelodulia (<gr. Angelos, “angel”), hagiodulia (agios, “holy”), endoperatodulia, (worship of emperor, king), argurodulia, (arguros, “silver, coin, money”), anthropodulia, (anthropos, “human kind” like Mary, mother of Jesus: Catholics call her worship, hyperdulia (<gr. huper, ‘above’ ; they worship her beyond and above of all the saints [angels and the dead spiritual leaders], etc.).  This only law of Ktiktismadulicity controls all facts, deeds or particular experiences and experiments of sins that we named angelodulia, hagiodulia, endoperatodulia, argurodulia, anthropodulia, … footballodulia, etc. And for the same principle of plummediatoduumnicity, we have many laws controlled by it and each law controls in its turn many facts, deeds or experiences and/or experiments.

Palabras clave: worship & serve creatures instead of God, hyperdulia, an idolatry; ktiktismadulicity and monoktisttheophoblatricity.

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