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Video del Congreso Ciudad del Cabo 2010

Partnership - Equilibrium vs. Diversity in Unity

Autor: Patrick Fung
Fecha: 03.11.2010
Lugar: Singapore | Singapur
Category: Asociación

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Patrick Fung of Singapore speaks of the inadequacy of the mission concept of global equilibrium in understanding diversity in unity. He focuses on the Lord’s power, the Lord’s redemption and the Lord’s sovereignty.

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Palabras clave: partnership, unity, diversity, Patrick Fung, Singapore, Cape Town 2010

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Estados Unidos de Norteamérica

A lot of really good points there about working together in partnership and humbling ourselves.  I don’t think I agree with the "from everywhere to everywhere" saying.  Shouldn’t it be TO THE UNREACHED and FROM THOSE MOST ABLE TO REACH THEM WHO ARE CALLED BY GOD?  If the command given to us is to reach "all nations" and "the ends of the earth", why should we modify our mission?  We should focus on the unfinished task.


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PhContributeBy Cape Town 2010 Communications Team
Lugar: Cape Town
País: Sudáfrica

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