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Systemic Theology Presentation: Combining Systems Theory with a Christian Worldview

Author: Andrew Sears
Date: 22.09.2010
Category: Media Engagement, Truth and Pluralism, Workplace Ministry

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Originally Posted in English

This audio presentation provides an Introduction to Systemic Theology which combines is an attempt to combine Systems Theory with a Christian Worldview.

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Keywords: systemic theology, theology, systems theory, techmission

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Reply Flag 1 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down nkjeannot (2)
Cote d'Ivoire

                                                  WE SHALL MEET

Dear Dr SEARS,

I am the Founding-father and Promoter of these new biblical sciences: Peccatology and Cadoshology.

Peccatology (from Latin, peccatum, "sin"): science of Sin study.

Cadoshology (from Hebrew, kadôsh, "holy"): science of the study of Holiness.

Peccatology and Cadoshology are studied a Systemic Theology called QUINTIDIMENSYSTEMICS.

To harmonize the principles of this new Biblical Theology [Systemic Theology], we should meet up without delay so that we may allow anyone whoever is willing to deal with this new discipline. 

Here’s my private email address ( ) on which you could re-contact me and appoint an invitation. We could agree that you join me into my Country or I fly to join you according to our common decision.

Rev Dr J. N’GORAN   

Reply Flag 0 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down windjammer (4)

Im suppose to some, this is in some ways helpful, but in all reality the sooner we get away from systems and buzz words that reflect the modern linear paradigm the better. People on the street, in the Marketplace, and in the Workplace care not about systems, and institutions, but tapping into authentic real relationships with people energized by the Spirit of God. The Life Style Faith is where it is happening.


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