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Norberto Saracco
United States
Doug Nichols
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With the number of people who are finding themselves displaced from their country of origin there is an increasing need for action on the part…Ablount66 - In Response To: International Migrants Day
Does the idea of church planting among diasporas communities really make sense? When I think about church planting it is in the context of planting…Ablount66 - In Response To: Starting Diaspora Church Planting Movements (Pt. 1)
Alot of good points about forgiveness and I agree that forgiveness is the heart of the Christianity. A Christian is a follower of Christ and…Mrs_June - In Response To: Forgiveness - Know the Basics from God’s Perspective
The idea of management verses control is a very good point indeed. The reality of the matter is can you really control people mgrating or…Ablount66 - In Response To: European Immigration Policy: Lessons and Challenges for the Church
The statement “policy developments in one part of the world are watched with interest in another” is one that carries a lot of weight. The…Ablount66 - In Response To: European Immigration Policy: Lessons and Challenges for the Church
ablount66 I find this subject beyond my ability to even cope with the thoughs of what man is capable of doing to another in the…marolyn - In Response To: Useless Eaters - Disability as Genocidal Marker in Nazi Germany