Alliance for Vulnerable Mission

The AVM (Alliance for Vulnerable Mission) seeks, arising from long-term 
mission experience, to make God’s Word known outside of traditional 
Christian ’homelands’ by connecting with existing contours of non-Western 
cultures. This is to be achieved by promoting Christian mission and 
development using:
a. locally available (and not outside) resources.
b. indigenous (and not Western) languages.
The AVM wants to respond innovatively to the evident creation of massive 
unhealthy dependency on Western languages and materials in the South. 
It suggests that existing Western mission and development efforts be 
counterbalanced by a sensitive presence of concerned, heedful, devoted, 
and vulnerable Christian workers. Such (very scriptural) rooting of ministry 
in the power of God in human weakness protects the dignity of people 
threatened by rising economic and cultural imperialism. Rising intensities 
of globalisation and the post-modern undermining of many time-honoured 
epistemologies accentuate the need for such vulnerable workers.

Alliance for Vulnerable Mission | The Lausanne Global Conversation