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Service Experience

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Author: Gloria_Katusiime
Date: 27.08.2010
Location: Kathmandu | Nepal
Duration: 4 years
Category: Unreached People Groups

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During my 3 years in Nepal, I worked with a Christian Missions Organization that partnered with rural NGO’s empowering and building their expertise so that they could identify needs within their communities and develop appropriate strategies to meet these needs. Rather than going into communities and determining the needs for them, we walked alongside them helping them where they needed support and empowering them to do the work themselves. We also worked with churches encouraging them to engage in holistic mission, meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the people in their communities.

One of the great lessons for me was to see the people not as projects, people that I needed to convert but to see them as people with real needs and questions - in search of the truth and as dearly loved children of God. To realize that God loved them more than I did and that He was powerful and able to save them. Mine was a an honor, an invitation from the Lord to partner with Him in what He was already doing. Realizing this brought so much joy and freedom to be myself and entrust my failures, mistakes and successes to the one is able to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all i can think or imagine.

My desire and prayer is to see the people of Nepal and others living in SE Asia that have never heard about Jesus hear the gospel and come to faith in Christ.

Although presently in Uganda currently involved in ministry aimed at mentoring children whose parents have died as a result of HIV and AIDS, I plan to move to the Middle East and continue to reach out to the SE Asian migrant labor population.

Keywords: Nepal, Holistic Mission, Uganda, Orphans, Mentorship, SE Asia, Middle East, Migrant Labor

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PhContributeBy Gloria_Katusiime 
Location: Kampala
Country: Uganda

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