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Gifts to the Nations

Author: RagamuffinRese
Date: 12.08.2010
Location: Ahmedabad | India
Duration: 7 days
Category: Men & Women, Leadership Development

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As a woman in leadership development within the church, things can become a bit dicey from time to time.  I try to tread carefully and with sensitivity when introducing the idea of women in leadership as a biblical norm in cross-cultural situations.

A few years ago, my careful sensitivity led to a lukewarm talk/discussion as well as some outright confrontation.  Afterwards, I was approached by two older Indian brothers in Christ who asked if they could speak frankly to me.  Looking kind but intent, one of them said, "You did not speak your whole heart up there.  You must. Go back and do it again."  Whoa. Convicted.

Repent. Return. Repeat.

God furnished the opportunity to go back into that gathering just a few house later and I humbly confessed not sharing fully what I needed to.  God gave me the perfect beginning by asking what percentage of the church in India was female.  The number was agreed to be somewhere between 60% and 70%.  This led to the next question, "Don’t you think God desires that 60% - 70% of the gifts He has generously given to your nation be equipped, empowered and released?"  Of course!  The tenor of the meeting changed and the receptivity to biblical evidence of women being co-heirs in every sense - of gifting and calling as well as of the grace of life - was amazing.  And I was humbled because my strategy and tactics were failures.  Being an available, listening conduit was all He required.

Keywords: women, india, gender, leadership, integrity, mission

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