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Network for European Christian Leaders

Author: Herman_Heyman
Date: 19.04.2010
Location: Leuven | Belgium
Duration: 1 hour
Category: Partnership

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The continent of Europe hosts a high number of very diverse cultures. There are vast differences between regions - such as southern Europe compared to Scandinavia, or the Eastern parts compared to Western Europe, the protestant Europe and the Chatholic, the Orthodox,....

As from 2009 the initiative is taken by just a few people (Spain and Belgium) to research whether there is a need and an interest for Christian leaders of any background to dispose of a platform to meet, share and discuss with each other about current developments in cultures and how these affect the Christian churches and the Christian movement at large -  as well as within the various cultures and countries.

A first meeting of 12 leaders from across the continent took place in Leuven (Belgium) in October 2009. This meeting limited itself to making an inventory of contemporary issues that are relevent for Christian movements in various areas.

I learned from the meeting that - though the diversity is big -  sufficient common interest is available to share blessings and concerns. There is also an eagerness to have opportinities to tap into each others experiences and benefit from wisdom and well weighed concepts of ministry.

As convenors of the platform, we struggle to offer a balance between speficity of cultures, the generality of principles, and the applicability of concepts of ministering.  

As we now prepare for a second meeting in May 2011, we hope to be able to widen the circle of Christian leaders that can contribute and draw from this network to the benefit of local churches and Christian organizations.

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