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Executive director - leadership style

Author: Herman_Heyman
Date: 19.04.2010
Location: Heverlee - Belgium | Belgium
Duration: 1 hour

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Between 1982 and 1997 I have partcipated in an evangelistic church planting mission in Belgum.

Over these years of ministry I have been directly involved in planting 3 churches and assisted numerous others in the Flemish, French and German areas of the country.

I learned about my own limitations in the hard way, by practising a style that was at first view visionary and spriritual, was in fact quite dominant and demeaning co-workers to mere instruments for te bigger glory of the organization.

Although our team can / could really look back on blessings and successes, it heavily depended on being permanently puffed up by new visions. We depended very much on personal charisma and were not succesful in adequatley and qualitatively develop leaders.

Seeking ways to improve the outcome of so much lives invested, we found ourselves in a dilemma of being loyal to the old adagio, or searching others ways to explore what effective Christian leadership really means and what it take to develop others -individually and in organisms such as churches and organizations.

From our "leadership conversion" in 1997 onwards, our research has enabled us to serve with others in topics as personal asessment, group dynamics and team building, communication, from calling to vision and mission and strategizing, assessing the surrounding culture, Christian ethics and integrity, integrating the generation factor in the Christian movement.

We see some Christian leaders now grow in character ad effectiveness in their ministry, as well as developing the emerging leaders that follow them; We experience as well a major reluctance amongst main stream Christian leaders to invest that much effort in relationships and to prioritze on relationships in view of developing leaders.

We meet a lot of needs amongst leaders. Those do not so much need to be delt with from an academic or theological perspective. Leaders often yearn for company, rubbing shoulders, chances for exchanging experiences of life /ministry - what we offer to them throighout the country.

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Keywords: leadership, style, development, emerging

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