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"Contextualization be Damned!" Really, Leithart? Really?

Author: Cody C. Lorance
Date: 02.09.2011
Category: Truth and Pluralism, World Faiths, Diasporas

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Originally Posted in English

Today I want to respond briefly to something that was posted on Toby Sumpter’s blog that purportedly comes from a book by Peter Leithart entitled Against Christianity.  Sumpter’s post seems to be nothing more than a series of block quotes from Leithart’s book which he has grouped together under the provocative title “Contextualization be Damned!”

First, really? Damned?


Keywords: contextualization, diaspora

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United States

It is important to note that all of it has been taken out of context and cannot be contextualized because of this. It is interesting how these men are ministers who are taking Scripture out of context and skewing it in such a way as to confuse anyone who reads the book or the blog about the book. It would be much easier just to warn people to not even acknowledge that the book and blog had ever been written.


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