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Christocentric Satsang: Aradhana Prabhu, Aradhana (Bhajan)

Author: Cody C. Lorance
Date: 16.11.2010
Category: Unreached People Groups, World Faiths

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Originally Posted in English

Here is a video clip from the Christocentric Satsang in Chicago.  This Hindi bhajan is a simple song of worship to the Lord Sri Jesus Christ. The chorus simply means "worship the Lord".  I hope you enjoy. Unfortunately, our tabla player came in a bit late. Hopefully we’ll get a video up in the future that has percussion.  

Aradhana Prabhu Aradhana


(Progression: em      d           em

c           d                  c           em)

Aradhana Prabhu, aradhana

Aradhana Yeshu, aradhana

(Worship the Lord, worship

Worship Jesus, worship)

Jevan jal teri, aradhana

Jevan roti, aradhana

(Worship the living water,

Worship the bread of life)

Mangalkari, aradhana

Jagat hithakari, aradhana

(Worship the auspicious one,

Worship the well-wisher of the world)

Mukti pradata, aradhana

Jevandata, aradhana

(Worship the salvation-giver,

Worship the life-giver)

Mariyam nandan, aradhana

Jevankari, aradhana

(Worship the son of Mary,

Worship the living one)

Iswhar sat prabhu, aradhana

Jevan dayi, aradhana

(Worship God the True Lord,

Worship the fountain of life)

Keywords: worship song, contextualization, hinduism

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