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Cape Town 2010 Congress Video

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Integrity - Plenary 2 - Confronting Idols

Author: Chris Wright
Date: 24.10.2010
Category: Integrity and Anti-Corruption

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Chris Wright, International Director of Langham Partnership International, challenges the people of God to confront the idols of power and pride, popularity and success, and wealth and greed. He calls the Church to repentance and simplicity.

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Keywords: Cape Town 2010, Lausanne Movement, Chris Wright, idols, integrity, humility

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Reply Flag 1 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down marolyn (2)
United States

"There is no biblical mission without biblical living"! How very easy it is to be innocent and new in a business position, and suddenly you are recognized for "outstanding achievements" and "unique approaches to problem solving". Then the rewards of a parking space in front of the building, a substancial raise, dinners with the "boss". These statements are what a young graduate thinks will lead to peace and happiness for his family while not recognizing it is these very things which will take him away from his family. Popularity and success leads to the desire for power. Power becomes distorted and we forget where the power comes from, we forget where the wealth comes from. It is not our outstanding achievements, it is the God given talent which allows us to be creative, and that creativity will only last as long as we are obedient to God’s Word, and worship Him and only him, not the accolades which intice even the most humble of spirit.

Reply Flag 0 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Lindsay_Olesberg (2)  
United States

May God bring about a reformation of the Evangelical Church a long the lines described by our brother Chris!

Reply Flag 0 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down KlausNeuwirth (0)

The beauty of the Lord, the love of the Lord, the deliciousness, delightfulness, glory, loveliness, magnificence, wonderfulness of our Lord and Savior is to be in our hearts and minds and on our lips.

This alone will arise our worship in doing and talking and thinking and singing so that all the idols will have become vulgar and uninteresting in the eyes of our hearts.   

Because Christ will be everything for his people as he deserved.

Oh Lord forgive us, and arise preachers to talk about your wonderful character and works. 

Reply Flag 0 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Brian_Considine (0)
United States

Outstanding! But like a cancer, the challenge is not in the accurate diagnosis however but in the treatment. "Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?"

Reply Flag 0 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down RolandOscarsson (0)

A highly relevant message! So many are impressed by these "super apostles", and it seems often success itself is seen as a criteria of the Lord’s blessing. Thank you, Chris!

Roland Oscarsson, Sweden

Reply Flag 2 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down PARoss (2)
United States

Nicely said. But how do you plan on implementing it? I’ve been preaching that message for decades and it has only gotten me into trouble.

Reply Flag 1 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down ChrisMaynard3 (2)
United Kingdom

Fundamental, absolutely fundamental!  Thank you Chris.


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