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Cape Town 2010 Congress Video

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Bible Exposition: Ephesians 3 (Part 2) - John Piper

Author: John Piper
Date: 23.10.2010
Category: Scripture Engagement

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Originally Posted in English

American evangelical author John Piper continues his discussion of Ephesians 3. He addresses the mystery of the gospel and the wrath of God that Christ took upon himself. God appoints suffering and prayer as a means for declaring his glory. (Part 2 - See Part 1)

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Keywords: Ephesians, John Piper, prayer, mystery, Cape Town 2010

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United States

Once again Pastor Piper brings the focus back to the Lord and the ways that we glorify Him! I especially liked the reminders that suffering and prayer are a means to gather the nations to Jesus and that this only comes when He calls us into it. Call us Lord!!!


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