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"Diaspora" engagement in 2010 is like the "people group" mandate of 1974

Date: 23.10.2010
Category: Diasporas

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I wrote this for my blog on Facebook and would like your feedback on this. Comments welcomed:

"Diaspora missiology" and engagement has "become the rage" at Lausanne III. Everyone is talking about it; everyone sees its significance; everyone wants to "get in", including me.  I believe that reaching diasporas around the world will influence mission practice and strategy for decades to come. In 1974 at Lausanne 1, it was "people groups." In 2010 it will be "the diaspora" -- Japanese, Chinese, Islamic, Hindu, children/youth/women, etc. (too many to name) -- all the world’s "the scattered peoples" for whom Christ died.

Keywords: Diaspora, people groups, evangelism, Lausanne I, 1974

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