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Bhutanese-Nepali Web Resource Catalog

Author: Cody C. Lorance
Date: 03.06.2010
Category: World Faiths, Unreached People Groups, Diasporas

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Originally Posted in English

In the spirit of the book list that has been started already on this group page, I wanted to start a list of helpful websites for those of us working among Bhutanese-Nepalis.  

1.      Sites Specifically Related to Bhutanese Refugees

Bhutanese Refugees—The Story of a Forgotten People (Best site of its kind on the web)

Cause Up Bhutanese Refugee Group (Also search for location-specific groups on the Cause Up page)

Wikipedia entry

Cultural Orientation Resource Center—Okay, so not specifically for Bhutanese-Nepalis, but more general information on refugee resettlement that you may find helpful in assisting your newly arriving friends.  There are specific resources for Nepalis.

International Nepal Fellowship-North America: Not exclusively related to Bhutanese-Nepalis, but helpful nonetheless.


Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal by Andrew Hein.  This is a quick and helpful PowerPoint slide show that provides a basic introduction to Bhutanese-Nepalis.

Nepali Culture, Hinduism, and Refugees by International Nepal Fellowship.  This is a no-frills presentation covering just what the title says.  Be warned, a number of the points about culture do NOT hold true with Bhutanese-Nepalis. If you want to understand Bhutanese-Nepali culture, careful observation and asking questions is still your best bet.

YouTube Videos

There are many videos that give basic information, news, and some that have been posted by Bhutanese-Nepalis themselves.  Click here for the latest YouTube search results.

Jhupadiko Jindagi - This is a feature-length Nepali film (fiction) that is based on life as a Bhutanese refugee in Nepal.  The film was made by Bhutanese refugees and seeks to provide a glimpse into their lives and challenges.  Sometimes you can find the film online. Click here for the latest Google results. Tukriako Mutu is also a film of similar theme.

Double Your Impact is a nice, brief video that is intended to help mobilize Christians to engage in meaningful ministry to Bhutanese-Nepalis.

Keywords: bhutanese, refugees, nepalis, contexualization, hindus, hinduism, satsang, internet

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