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Christocentric Satsang: Bhaj Paawantam

Author: Anil Dev
Date: 01.06.2010
Category: World Faiths, Unreached People Groups, Diasporas

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Originally Posted in English

Resources for leading a Christocentric Satsang: Bhajans

"Bhaj Paawantam" by Anil Dev

Here is a demonstration of how to play and sing the Hindi-langugage bhajan (devotional song) called "Bhaj Paawantam".  This is a song written by Anil Dev and frequently performed by the musical group Aradhana.  I play and sing it in a way that is simple than Aradhana and have used it successfully for worship with Hindi and Nepali speakers of Hindu backgrounds. Though it is in Hindi, the Hindi is so simple that Nepalis also enjoy it.

This particular recording is intended for demonstrative purposes for those seeking to learn how to lead contextualized Christocentric satsangs (worship gatherings) among Hindu peoples. I’ve included an example of how changing the tempo mid-song can be a used, however most will want to just sing the whole song slowly. Also, I’ve not sung all the verses.

Lyrics and Chords (my chords):

Bhaj Paawantam

(Anil Dev)


Bhaj paawantam Yeshu naam,

Cadd9         D     Cadd9    Em

Yeshu naam, jay Yeshu naam


Yeshu naam, mangal naam (2X)

Cadd9         D        Cadd9    Em

Yeshu naam, jay Yeshu naam

[Yeshu naam paawan naam

Yeshu naam meetaa naam

Yeshu naam pyaaraa naam

Yeshu naam sundar naam]

(capo 2)

English Translation:


Let’s meditate upon the name of Jesus

Jesus’ name, victorious name


Jesus’ name, wonderful (mangal) name

Jesus’ name, victorious name.

(Other verses: paawaana=great, pyaara=lovely, meetaa=sweet, sundar=beautiful)

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Keywords: contextualization, hinduism, hindus, nepalis, bhutanese, satsang, worship, music

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