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Debate with Islamic scholar on Turkish TV

Author: Carlos Madrigal
Date: 03.05.2010
Category: World Faiths, Evangelism Training

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Originally Posted in English

Keywords: Debate, TV, Islam, dialogue, contextualisation, apologetics, Bible, Injil, reliability, Barnabas, apocrypha, canonical, incarnation, Son of God…

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Reply Flag 0 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Joseph_Paul_Cadariu (5)  
United States

Simply put, I am not a scholar.  But, I am a worshipper. 

Watching this video was an unbelievable experience for me.  The grace with which you responded to the queries of the moderator, and also your responses to the contradicting panelists was a joy to observe.

May God continue to use you, strengthen you, and may his blessings continue to be upon you as you serve Him.


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