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The Lausanne Global Conversation is on the World Wide Open Network

The Lausanne Global Conversation


We are living in a time of enormous challenge and amazing opportunity for the church. The life and witness of the church around the world is being assailed by external pressures while simultaneously being weakened by internal troubles. Yet the church also faces unprecedented global opportunities for the spread of the gospel and open doors for ministry in regions traditionally closed to the witness of Christ.

Unfortunately, a concerted and well-reasoned response to these global issues and opportunities has been difficult because the church, and evangelicalism in particular, is highly fragmented.

The Lausanne Global Conversation is one step towards bringing together the global church to engage with these important issues related to world evangelization.

We believe these global issues need global conversations.

So let’s talk, let’s strategize, let’s work together. Above all, let’s pray–with a sense of expectation and hope–for the Lord to bring wisdom through the counsel of many (Proverbs 11:14).

Your voice in the conversation is needed. Every Christian has unique experience and insight to offer the church.

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We need your help spreading the word about the Lausanne Global Conversation!

Any Christian around the world can participate in one of eight languages.

Please invite your friends, family and community to share their experience and insight as a part of the conversation.

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