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Kapstadt 2010 Kongress-Video

Full Session: Missing Peoples Multiplex

Autor: Various
Datum: 24.09.2010
Category: Welt-Glaubensgruppen, Unerreichte Menschengruppen

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Unreached peoples are those who do not have any Christian witness among them--and they represent one quarter of the world’s population. What will the Church do?

God is on the move among Muslim peoples around the world, though there are still many challenges. The Church is also growing in sub-Saharan Africa, but is faced with a need for discipleship.

Victor John ( India), Aychiluhm Rahmato (Ethiopia) and Liz Adleta (South Africa) describe church planting movements among missing peoples, noting elements shared between the different contexts. The Church must be ready for this kairos moment in history as rules of society change.

Stichwörter: upgs, full session, unreached people, missing people, world faiths, Cape Town 2010

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Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten CHINA___12 (3)

Apply to the officials consider the Chinese subtitles embedded in the video! God bless you all! To Manei Li!

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten CHINA___12 (3)

Alleluia look forward to your early to come to China to teach us! Exposed in front of the Lord holy arm in the nations, who have seen the ends of the salvation of our God! Alleluia! Special to send a mouse click into view the video Shenyang, China Church "Blessing China," people will praise

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Thomas_W (0)  

As Latinamericans (paraguay, cuba, chile and all people we spoke) are very disappointnemt about the film presentation.
This is not our Latin America!!!
A lot that was said is completely wrong. Spiritism, Catholics have nothing to do with the fast growing evangelical churches.
and a lot of wonderfull informations was not mentioned. cuba has a lot of testimonies how god is on the move. And also all the other countries, paraguay, Colombia and so on.
We feel very bad about it, because all people already have a wrong impression and its not easy to change that again.
For all the rest, the conference is really marevelous. 1st class in organization, professional in everything. Very clear messages. Congratulations and God bless you.

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Pashlik (3)

The session was closed with the remark "what is the biggest obstacle?- the obedience of the church."

I am in complete agreement with this. To quote Wolfgang Simson in talking about the Chinese house church movement, he asked them what they believed the key to growth and impact was. Their response was:

"Quick, costly obedience."

I too was saddened to realise the apparent lack of engagement over the issue of Unreached Peoples at Cape Town 2010. That is at least how it appears from the outside as an online participant, but not being in Cape Town myself.

A final contribution I would like to add is another block of peoples. Animist-Shamanist peoples need to be included in the thinking. Sometimes it feels that Animist-Shamanist peoples are the forgotten of the forgotten.


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Ort: Cape Town
Land: Südafrika

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