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Kapstadt 2010 Vorab-Dokument

Weltevangelisierung im 21. Jahrhundert : Schwerpunkte des Weltmissionsauftrags

Autor: The Lausanne Strategy Working Group
Datum: 01.07.2010
Category: Unerreichte Menschengruppen

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Anmerkung der Redaktion: Dieser Vorabbericht zu Kapstadt 2010 wurde von Paul Eshleman verfasst im Auftrag der Lausanner Strategischen Arbeitsgruppe und stellt eine Übersicht dar zum Thema „Schwerpunkte der Weltevangelisierung“, welches bei der Vormittags-Plenarsitzung diskutiert wird. Stellungnahmen zu diesem Bericht durch die Lausanner globalen Gespräche werden an die Autoren und andere Personen weitergeleitet und sollen dabei helfen, die endgültige Präsentation beim Kongress festzulegen. 

Weltevangelisierung im 21. Jahrhundert : Schwerpunkte des Weltmissionsauftrags

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Stichwörter: Unerreichte Volksgruppen

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Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Cody_Lorance (13)   
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

This is so important. I’m taking these points all quite seriously and commit to praying and asking God for direction for my own ministry according to these priorities.  I am greatly anticipating the plenary presentation.

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Margaret (0)
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

I agree that there needs to be an oral strategy for reaching the unreached. Translations are needed, but there is an oral option besides storying, an audio text translation. Are there others who have a similar interest and will join this effort? We need a collaborative partnership as David Hackett points out in his paper, "Partnering in Missions." Please see the attached document that explains the audio text translation concept. And contact if you have a similar interest.

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Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Valerie_Margaret_Inc (0)  

By the time I tried to download this paper the pdf file was corrupted.

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten David_Benson (2)  

What a brilliant article Paul ... thankyou for your hard work on this.  The graphic p5 for a strategic push was so well put together, resulting in some BHAGs ("big, hairy, audacious goals") that if achieved would certainly be to the glory of God ... as this is impossible without Him!

A couple of thoughts:

1) In terms of our mission, I wonder if we’re still unduly confining its scope.  We’re called to ’preach the gospel to all creation’ and, while I’m not suggesting we follow St. Francis and preach to the birds, our mission must surely include the environment.  Love God, love others, make disciples, and cultivate the world--tending and caring for it as God tends and cares for us.  The mission to cultivate the world (Gen 1-2) is ongoing, and whilst it doesn’t directly target people, I think it is faithful to our calling and strategic in times like this where the groans of the planet are audible.

2) The emphasis on unreached people groups is so key, which you push strongly.  But it raises the question: at what point is a people group truly "reached".  You included "secularists" in this ’unreached’ group--and I agree.  Yet most secularists sit in western countries apparently already evangelized.  There is a growing realization that re-evangelization of Europe may actually be the call to a first genuine and substantial evangelization, as much of what passed for evangelism was cultural capitulation in the face of a greater power (Christendom).  I hope that in the right and proper push to reach the unreached, that we don’t neglect the need to truly make disciples of Christ who obey everything Jesus taught--who are a real sign of the Kingdom.  In turn, this will propel our missionary efforts to go to the tribes and ethne who haven’t yet heard at all.

Thanks again--an inspiring article and vision for what may be if we rally under God and put our efforts where it matters most.

evangelization re: re-evangelization ... secularists as an ’unreached’ people group especially where perhaps in Europe for instance realizing perhaps not properly evangelized in the first place ... priorities ... matt 28:18-20 disciples who obey all Christ commands ... task not finished, and perhaps part of problem for rest of world as what we’ve exported is often shallow, separating gospel message and ethical demands

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Tom_De_Craene (1)  
@ David_Benson:

Dear David,

As I was reading the article, my thoughts were along the same lines as yours. I wrote in the side line: ’what about creation?’. Thank you for formulating that idea.


Tom De Craene

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Rachael_Hosier (0)
@ David_Benson:

Really interesting comments about reaching secularists. It’s tempting to think that because the gospel is readily available in my context (UK) that we are a ’reached’ people group and yet so few people know Christ.

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Deborah_M (0)  
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
@ David_Benson:

I’m glad you brought up your 2nd point... "I hope that in the right and proper push to reach the unreached, that we don’t neglect the need to truly make disciples of Christ who obey everything Jesus taught--who are a real sign of the Kingdom.  In turn, this will propel our missionary efforts to go to the tribes and ethne who haven’t yet heard at all.” 


I couldn’t agree more! We really need God’s discernment, as to when to go and when to stay in certain places and do “re-evangelization”. We need to evaluate what God has asked us as an individual to do and know how He has gifted us and equipped us, in regards to where we should go and evangelize, or to re-evangelize.


I think it’s important to make people aware of this need as well, because not enough people actually think about this point and yet there are so many future world leaders and influential people that could do so much more in some of these nations, than we could ever do, if they were only discipled and had a true understanding of what it is to live for Christ. As you mentioned, it’s not to just “re-evangelize” but to also be able to motivate them to go out and reach the un-reached, so that we can see the multiplication of the Gospel.

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Sarah_Breuel (0)  

Thank you for this wonderful work! I can’t imagine how much work the Lausanne Strategy Working Group must have done to put this together. I have 2 suggestions and 1 question:

1. Have also a shorter version of the file available so that most participants can read and engage during the congress. Maybe the scriptural basis can be an attached file, since I would think that most participants would agree to them. It might be good to have a summary file of just the goals in a friendly visual way (in the lines of the image of page 5).

2. In the end of the file, it might be appropriate to challenge in specific ways some groups of participantes. For example, restate the specific challenges for pastors, missionary agencies, seminaries, lay-people, student workers, social workers, etc.

Question - how will this be followed up after the Congress?

Thank you again for the comprehensive work! Blessings to you all.

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Diane_C (0)  

Thank you Paul for this thorough and comprehensive look at World evangelisation and our priorities for the 21 st Century.  

I have to confess to feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the greatness of the task that lies before us, even with all the encouraging reports of what God is doing.  I have at times allowed the sheer enormity of the task to immobilise me.  It is easy for me to think; ’what difference could one person make?’ As you say, I need to ’Lift Up My Eyes’.  What is impossible with man is possible with God.  (Luke 18:27)  

I believe that what is most needed if we are to accomplish the task before us, even to face it full on, is a bigger view of God - a clearer understanding of who He is and who we are as His church and all that is ours because of our belonging to Him.  The problem is not that the task is too great but that my/our God is too small, or at least He has become too small to me/us.

I think of Joshua and Caleb returning from the promised land and their words of faith amidst the prevailing climate of powerlessness, fear, disobedience and despair.  They believed that God was able, even in the face of tremendous obstacles like giants!  They knew God’s presence with them would be sufficient to face every obstacle that they might face and that it was God’s power and his might that counted not theirs.  I think too of Jonathan  who went with his armour bearer alone into the camp of the Philistines and how God delivered Israel that day because of the bravery of just one man.  I am reminded that one with God is a majority and that mine is not to do everything but simply to make myself available to Jesus and to play my part, allowing Him to use me as He would.  

Your article forces me to cry out to Him who can do immeasurably more than all I can ask or imagine and to depend on Him allowing my roots to go down deep into Him and His marvelous love that I might be filled to all the measure of the fullness of Christ. (Eph3:18-20)  What you write about the Church not needing better methods but better vessels echoes as a reality in my own heart.  

The old hymn comes to mind:  "Facing a task unfinished that drives us to our knees,a need that undiminished rebukes our slothful ease, we who rejoice to know you, renew before your throne, the solemn pledge we owe you, to go and make you known."

I was awakened to the existence of the unreached and unengaged peoples of the world a number of years ago on a train journey to London, as I was reading Romans 15 20,21:  ’It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not know, so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation.  Rather, as it is written:  ’Those who were not told about him will see, and those who have not heard will understand.’  That is why I have often been hindered from coming to you."  

We see so clearly here the priority of God for the poor, for those who have never heard and who will not hear unless someone goes and preaches to them.   At that time, I asked God:  ’Who is the biggest unreached people group in the world?’  The reply came back clearly just a moment later as the word ’Muslims’ came to my mind.  The situation has not changed 20 years later. 

’Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying:  "Whom shall I send and who shall go for us?"  And I said, "Here I am, send me"’ (Isaiah 6:8)  It is interesting that the calling follows his confession and cleansing.

Brother Paul, I pray with you that God would raise up a generation, who captivated by Jesus, and not loving their lives even to death, would give themselves in reckless abandon to Jesus and go to the hardest and most unreached peoples of the world until everyone, everywhere has heard and that if He be pleased to, that He would even send me.



Antworten Kennzeichnen -1 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Lex_L (6)  

A tremendously stimulating paper. I would encourage all to read this who haven’t yet done so.

For me, this paper really captures the heart of what we are trying to achieve through Lausanne.

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Ishak_Sukamto (1)  

in this current age, with the globalization reach unto the edge and most unreachable  place in earth. I do believe that information about regarding Christianity, gospel and good news of Jesus Christ as savior, are available in huge amount and wide range scope. Now, the focus is not how this good news arrive in the unbeliever ear, but how we act according to the news that we had shared or even we want to share. Have we really show our love, live our love, do our lovely deed among the people. Instead of evangelization new strategy, i think we need more loving awareness.  The love our God to us and our love to unbeliever is Gospel indeed. Unreachable people are not locate far from us, but living daily around us, every second, every moment. 

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Moloki_Motaung (1)  

This is a very powerful paper by Paul. It captures in a vivid way the challenges faced by the Christian church in responding to Christ’s command concerning the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. I am completely speechless when confronted with the stark reality that the is such a huge need in terms of human and financial resources for the entire world to be evangelized as Christ commanded. The numbers of unreached Chinese and Indians and nations that do not have the Bible written in their language, all indicate the magnitude of the challenge. The concept of bible story-telling will go a long way in responding to the current need. Thank you for the statistics. 

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Cotovelo (0)  

Dear Paul,

A very important and strategic document. Thanks for your insights.

Working in the compassion ministry side of the Kingdom, we really feel chalenged in how to demonstrate the love of Jesus towards the people we are called to work with. with big projects and outside funding we often feel removed from the people we are trying to reach on more than just a humanitarian level.

We often long for partnerships with local church, but often find a lack of interest.

The part on oral communication and using appropriate technology is something we will follow up on.

Something I feel might be missing and seems to form a integral part of the context for world Evangelization in the 21´st century is the changeing nature/structure/shape of the church. This also in relation to leadership and involvement of ordinary lay members. For instance the growth of the home church movement and the ¨independant¨ less structured churches. It creates a context for involvement of ordinary believers to reach out in small or big ways with potential multiplication of impact.

We need to equip ordinary believers and grow small leaders and not only look to a handful of missionaries to fullfill the great task.


Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Maryedemuth (3)   
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

This is such an exhaustive and amazing piece. it should be read by anyone interested in global missions, and even those who aren’t, but should be.

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to me to read statistics like this, but of all the stories in the article, I was struck most by the Iranian hairdresser who has been in the USA 20 years yet was never invited over for dinner by an American. That challenges me and it makes me sad.

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten poweredbygospel (0)
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Hi, Paul. It was a great paper. I enjoyed reading it very much. I agree with every thing you have said in the paper. I think the most important thing is unity of churches, denominations, and missionary organizations in order to finish the reamining task. I believe that we should have more united gatherings for world evangelization more often. In my lowly opinion, equpping Chinese churches for this great task is greatly needed because their goal is to raise one million sending missionaries to fulfill the vision of "Back To Jerusalem".

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten danda (3)  

Excellent....every Christian all over the world should be aware of what is so

clearly explained in this paper. These are the things that the Pastors and leaders should preach regularly.

When people are challenged persistently their complacency and apathy melt away.....and then, they will seek God’s will for their life and obey His calling.

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Michael_H (1)  

Thank you very much, Paul, for this well-researched paper. Reading it was a real eye-opener for me, especially the fact of 2365 people groups not engaged yet. You also show us how to respond to the many needs. I think, the whole area of compassion ministries could take a more prominent role (drawing from other Bible passages). Discussing World Evangelisation in the 21st century, I missed the role first aid, health care, small businesses, fighting poverty and injustice etc could play. A holistic approach.


Michael H

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Shannon_L (0)  

I have been challenged and inspired by this paper.  There is purposfullness behind it.  The fact that the numbers thrown out there were not just left for us to ponder on, but goals set, challenges for us to accept were presented as well.

I think this paper should be given to each Bible School where there are young people passionate about missions but potentially unaware of the needs or the ways in which the gospel needs to be presented. 

I have been challenged to rethink how I can be more involved through the needs presented in the paper.  Thank you for that.

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Marguerite_Evans (1)  
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Thank you for the paper. Lord open our eyes to see. Eph 1:17-21

I saw a vision, it was so real to me I had tears in my eyes. First I saw myself sitting with some of my heroes in the Faith. Next I was in Heaven in a room that I can only describe as a Strategy Room. One Angel stood out to me, he was standing by what looked like a table with the world map on it.  The map was alive.  He looked at it with focus.  I saw China lift up and windows and doors moved into China.  What was happening is that as people were coming in agreement with Heaven about what the Lord wanted to do there, it opened doors and windows into that country for Heaven to move.  Heaven "needs" our prayers and agreement with what the Lord wants to do.  He moves through His children.  I then saw two young Chinese ladies. One with a cell phone and one in a business center and I knew that these 2 were key in what the Lord was doing at that moment..

This brought me back to the importance of not just praying what we think God wants us to pray for but to wait and listen and to do the research and pray strategicly.  We need to ask for blueprints from Heaven, Strategies from Heaven and pray accordingly.

Father, we ask for those blueprints and strategies from Heaven, open our eyes to see, our ears to hear, enlighten the eyes of our understanding, in Jesus Name. Holy Spirit fill us afresh today, give us deeper revelation of who You are.


Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten David_Allen_Bledsoe (3)  

A most interesting and passionate paper for the group to hear.

The stat of 2635 groups of more than 5,000 to still be started is indeed one of the realities for the global church to resolve and reach, and not just engage. I have heard more-than-five versions of this same stat. I am glad and hope the church can have the real number to work with.

I do appreciate you emphasizing Scripture translation. It seems that translation of Scripture and orality approaches are mutually exclusive among practicioners and strategists. I believe we need to explore how these two should interact more.

A couple of things to consider . .

1. In your essential elements, I would suggest the addition of theological study and ecclesiastical leadership grounding. We cannot assume this will happen. As M David Sills has pointed out: without this important element any movement of churches will either be anemic a best and at worse distorted versions of Christianity.

2. You mention in your description of no. 5 that "we will need millions of new house churches to care for these converts." I know that the UPG proponents have a set of methods that are usually recomended (e.g. orality, CPM, house churches, research), but I believe no one method should be set as the way to express of church develops. Indeed house churches are good and "works" best in certain settings, but not all setting. I am not saying that you, Paul, are pushing one church planting strategy, but I would pull that one back and make it "new house churches or any other kind that contextually fits the target culture."

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten GIL10 (0)    
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
@ David_Allen_Bledsoe:

Oral approaches and literate approaches indeed have at times been viewed as mutually exclusive alternatives. Fortunately there are shifts taking place. In the attached paper I point out some encouraging indications that missionary practitioners are seeing a both/and opportunity. I also suggest some additional ways for Bible translators and church planters to work together for the benefit of oral learners.

Dokumente zum Herunterladen

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten Stefan_H (0)  

I agree, very good article, pointing us towards those that have not had a chance to hear the Gospel yet. Some of the figures mentioned may be a bit difficult to verify and I would like to ask for caution in mentioning high figures in M evangelism. It could both cause fear by Muslims and a spirit of superiority with Christians and those attitudes are not helpful in presenting the Gospel.

A little question that may need clarification is how to define engagement in a people group and when it is no longer considered unreached. I suggest that we think of engagement when a team is on location, ministering in the local language within the social networks of the community with the aim of establishing a community of disciples of Jesus called church. How that will look like depends on the context. As for unreached we may think of a time when the members of the people group can adequately reach their own ethnic group with the Gospel. What do you think?

Blessings, Stefan

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten ken_chan (0)

Great article. The report on Muslims coming to Christ moved me to tears. Praise to Allah and to His only Son Isa!

I totally agree with you that producing orality bibles is a key in world evangelization today.

Other than the need for Christians to give more, mission agencies also need to learn how to better spend their money. While funds is needed to do administration, some mission administrators have lifestyles that are largely indistinguishable from corporate executives. Shouldn’t this be changed?

Antworten Kennzeichnen 0 Daumen hoch Daumen nach unten ChristineDillon (12)  

There will be some sessions on storying at Lausanne. 1-2 of main multiplexes (choose 1 out of 4) and also in the Dialogue Sessions. I will be doing one called, "Evangelism Everyone enjoys -esp. the unbeliever." Should be able to catch a glimpse of it and have some good discussion and question and answer time.

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