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المؤلف: Cody C. Lorance
التاريخ: 12.10.2010
Category: معتقدات العالم, الشتات

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With Cape Town 2010 looming so near, I thought I’d spare the global conversation a bit and just post all my blogs in one conversation.  So, this will be a permalink for all my articles related to Lausanne for those interested in that.  Blessings, see many of you soon!

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Thanks Cody for your article on Rwanda.

Sadly I happened to be in Rwanda and in Zaire in 1994 at the apex of the massacre. There are a lot of reasons why the massacre happened. The historic issue was a major cause. Rwandans had been the victims of a divide and conquer tribalism inflicted upon them by the previous colonial powers.

One group was groomed for leadership and the other groomed for service. The face-off of 1994 is in part because of this. Remember many Africans are a member of their tribe, before they are a member of the country.  So what occurred in Rwanda is much deeper and more complex then just the failure of contextualization.

My feeling is that the Non-Contextualization of the gospel is a world wide malady. But a deeper and more important reality is the lack of discipleship training around the world. If the church had spent as much time on growing followers as it has on fishing for men and women, we would have a totally different outcome. And again and sadly this is a world issue. I recommend reading N T Wright’s book "After You Believe." The late Robert Webber also tackles the issue in "The Younger Evangelicals." In this book he sites the problem the church faces in lack of deep and thorough discipleship training.

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@ windjammer:

Thank you, brother, for reading and commenting. I am very deeply passionate about discipleship also and agree fully with your point.  In my context of ministry, it is quite difficult to separate out the issues of discipleship and contextualization.  Thank you for what you have shared here to add to my (and others’) understanding of what happened in Rwanda. It’s a topic I still know very little about, but look forward very much to hearing more from Antoine Rutayisire at Cape Town. Blessings!


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