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Repentance, Sinfulness and Hinduism

المؤلف: Cody C. Lorance
التاريخ: 27.04.2010
Category: معتقدات العالم

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منشور في الأصل باللغة الإنجليزية

". . . Where has sin and Satan taken hold of the people and the culture?  This is point where we must preach the gospel vigorously . . ." (read full article)

كلمات مفتاحية: repentance, sin, evangelism, contextualization, Hinduism

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That was an excellent article!  What a powerful metaphor of Jesus coming along side of us and moving us beyond our own ability to solve our own problems!  My family and I also work in India and had been in Nepal for several years before that (though not focused on Nepalese).  I can immediately relate with the lack of awareness of moral sin as a problem and the honest surprise at the idea that one is inherently a sinner.  I think what struck me most heavily while I was there was the way that this mindset of excusable moral ’mistakes’ ripples out into society, economics, politics and pretty much every sphere and level of life.  I guess once God is out of the picture, tolerance becomes the absolute value.  That is a crisis-prone world to live in since, when one must tolerate anything, one can value nothing... not even human life.  No God means no moral sin, and with that goes the basis for linking power to responsibility, one human to another etc. etc.  The beauty of restored relationship to God and one another shines bright in that world.  Praise God!  Thanks so much for your insights and encouragement!

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@ Rinchen:

Thanks so much for your encouraging comments.  Blessings to you, brother!


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