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The Contextualization Scale’s Faulty Premise

المؤلف: Cody C. Lorance
التاريخ: 27.04.2010
Category: معتقدات العالم

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منشور في الأصل باللغة الإنجليزية

". . . The C1-6 scale is fatally flawed in this regard as it seems to suggest that more and more contextualization leads inevitably to syncretism and secret believers. A new contextualization scale should be created that recognizes Christlikeness as the ultimate goal of all contextualization . . ."  (read full article)

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There does seem to be great confusion about when (or, I’d suggest "if") changing the context of the Gospel necessarily changes its content. When these questions of how much we ought to contextualize the Gospel arise, I often want to raise just one question of my own -- Show me the pure Gospel that hasn’t been contextualized. I would suggest we don’t have it. Even the message of our scriptures were custom-tailored to fit first-century Palestine. I think we’re left with a simple decision... we can either pretend to live in first-century Palestine, or look for the core message and take that to whatever other context we need to.

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@ als828:

I want to balance what you are saying by a strong reaffirmation of the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture.  Certainly, I agree that a large amount of contextualization was taking place even as the Holy Spirit carried along the authors of the Bible.  However, I reject the notion that this somehow makes their message impure.  Perhaps the problem is in your use of the term "pure". 

Of course, you play the cards that have been dealt to you.  And opponents of contextualization often speak of the "pure gospel".  It is difficulte to know what to do at this point.  Perhaps, I would just want to reject the premise and respond by pointing out the many varied ways in which things they readily accept are contextualized. 

But, anyway, good comments.  Thanks for the interaction.

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Please read my reflections in: Dialogue between Christians and Muslims. Blessings, Carlos Madrigal


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